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Expressões do inglês

Good morning!

Comecei a fazer uma limpeza geral no meu hd e encontrei um arquivo com expressões do inglês que compilei ao longo do CPE da Cultura Inglesa (curso de proficiência em inglês). Eu escolhia algumas dessas expressões pra dar uma impressionada nos testes de conversação... rs

Engraçado é que tem umas simples, que uso muito, e outras que eu nunca mais ouvi! (Essas anotações são de 1997!) Ah! E tem frase que eu coloquei só pra mostrar uma inversão pouco usada ou uma pegadinha de concordância. Acho que podem ser válidas para quem tiver em fase de exames, pra iniciar algumas frases... olha só:

In truth

It may prove helpful to

Theres no likelihood it is going to happen

It is wise to

When we avoid the platitudes

We are doing our utmost

Not only are the..., but also

City dives into caos

It turns out to be a hotch-potch


The desirability of a material or object is inextricably linked to its availability (Ra)

This simple human truth

In greater amount

To the point that

It has become a derrogatory term

It came as no surprise to us that...

Complimented her on her new dress

He was nowhere to be found

Only when the guests had gone home, could we relax

Far from being a product of civilization

As far back as 100,000 years ago,

Provided him with

Inspired in

No sooner had he arrived, than things went wrong

It fell to me to break the news to him

Through no fault of mine, the business failed

Being on good terms

It had a bad effect on...

He wasn’t in the mood for going to the party

There was a poor turnout for the meeting

He‘s reputed to have...

Showed their disaproval of

Never got round to it

You were supposed to be going

Everyone could see her dislike of my friends

Could you cast an eye over my letter

Were such good value for money that I bought...

It drew na angry reaction from the audience

It has undergone a complete change since...

He has no prospect of getting the job

He’s latest book is food for tought

It was a stroke of luck

It was instigated at the behest of

Hot favourite

She felt completely bloated (estufada)

Crime wave

The rain began to ease off

Spurned her tutor’s offer (refuse)

It fail to materialise

He decided to steer clear of her for a few days

She was arrested in connection with

She in the throes of moving house

I tought fit

The child didn’t flinch as .

Thereby avoiding the need of

In the foreseable future

Plans were ditched after,,,

He needs to get a grip on his finances 

Se alguém souber mais ou quiser me corrigir, fique a vontade. São apenas anotações das aulas! ;)

See you!

2 comentários:

  1. Puxa, que pena que vc achou essa dicas só depois do meu IELTS... mas mesmo assim continuo achando úteis!!!
    Obrigada por compartilhar!

    1. Ai Pati! Verdade... é que eu tinha me esquecido completamente desse arquivo, achei por acaso quando estava reorganizando meu hd antigo! sorry!

      Mas eu vi que vc foi super bem! Parabéns... ;)



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